Howdy y'all to my forums! Sure, it's small, but hopefully it can grow. Ya don't need to be an animator, there's so much more to it than that I hope...

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    Welcome! (The Rules)


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    Welcome! (The Rules) Empty Welcome! (The Rules)

    Post  Godo-kun on Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:14 pm

    Hello and welcome to the new and improved Animators' Cubical.

    Here's the rules:

    1. Please keep the animations/fics/art at least PG-13, if it's above that please mark it as so
    2. No flaming, trolling, or bashing, I don't want people to start riots, or making people furious.
    3. No hentai, weather it be animation or art
    4. No posting links to illegal material (manga may be an exception, as long as it follows rules 1 and 3)
    5. No excessive swearin'. This is a forum fer everyone.
    6. Please use proper grammar. Accents also count as proper too, 'coz I would be brakin' this rule at he moment tongue
    Follow the rules posted on the other subforums if there is any***

    *** rules may be added or changed over time

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